Neurodevelopmental and Psychoeducational Assessments

We provide complete evaluations for learning differences, comprehensive reports explaining the results of the assessment, and recommendations that help the student achieve at a higher level at school and at home. Our board-certified behavioral and developmental pediatrician, nurse practitioner, and specialty trained licensed educational psychologists select and conduct the most appropriate assessment for your child. Given that every child is unique, the evaluation that we provide is tailored specifically for each child and may encompass medical, behavioral and educational accommodations and therapies.

Behavioral and developmental evaluations at the clinic can include various combinations of the following:

  • Detailed interviews.
  • Structured and informal play sessions.
  • Classroom observations.
  • Detailed assessments of the parent-child interaction, which can take place at the clinic or in the child’s home.
  • Developmental testing using instruments nationally accepted as the “gold standard” for childhood assessments.

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