Our clinic has a variety of group classes for students that allow them to learn and practice executive function skills in a supportive setting. The classes are moderated by experienced therapists and counselors who specialize in working with children and adolescents. Clinic shutdowns due to COVID-19 precautions have limited our class offerings. Please contact the clinic to get on a waitlist for future sessions. Current class offerings may/will include:

Meltdowns to Shutdowns

Emotional Regulation and Stress Management Group

Many children struggle to cope with the stress created by the fast pace of their lives. Children with low thresholds for frustration, tendencies toward negativism, or difficulties tolerating losing or not getting their way, demonstrate this stress with an extreme emotional reaction (meltdown) or a closed emotional reaction (shutdown). This class will help children learn to recognize their feelings before becoming overwhelmed by them.

A collaborative approach to the group will provide parents with a better understanding of how the concepts relate to the entire family and gives them an opportunity to participate in weekly parent trainings. Parents will have individualized support specific to their child and receive help in understanding and generalizing new concepts.

Sprint to the Finish

Academic Coaching designed to help students get “back on track.”

Many students find themselves in a hole at the end of the school year and are unsure how to dig themselves out. This four-week, eight session, class is designed to help teens organize their academics, improve study habits, complete work, create a routine and prepare for finals. The class provides students with a structured and supportive environment to improve their academic standing, while learning skills that will benefit them in the future.

The class sessions will consist of short overviews of academic skills, time for organizing homework, individual meetings and academic planning. In addition, the instructor will follow up individually with each student using email reminders and “check-ins,” and will be available via email throughout the program.

To register, or for more information, please contact 408-358-1853 or